Koya University Held a Training Course on ‘Some Medical Laboratory Equipment.

As part of its Continuous Improvement Programme, The Faculty of Health and Science at Koya University has once again held an intensive training course for its academic staff, titled "Some Medical Laboratory Equipment". The training course was organised by the Biology and Medical Microbiology Departments, Faculty of Science and Health, from 8th to 17th June 2021 at the University's Presidential Hall and FSCH Genetics Research Centre.  

Department of Mathematics Held a Workshop on "Application of Operation Research in Real Life"

Application of Operation Research in Real Life was an intensive 3 days’ workshop from 8th to 10th of August 2021 which was held by Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulqader Otheman Hamad Ameen from Mathematics Department at Koya University. This workshop provided the academic staff of Koya University with an experience that is valuable for their academia by mainly focusing on management applications, modelling, and the main phases of Operation Research which includes:formulation the problem, constructing a mathematical model, factors, deriving the solution from the model, testing the model and its solution (updating the model).

A Workshop Held  on “Combating Antimicrobial  Resistance & quot"

On Wednesday, 6/4/2022, the Department of Medical Microbiology at Koya University held a workshop entitled " Combating Antimicrobial Resistance ", which targeted the academic staff of Faculty of Science and Health to publicize this issue which affects the general public.
Antibiotics prevent millions of deaths each year and remain the primary treatment for potentially fatal bacterial infections. while inappropriate prescription rates and overuse of antibiotics have led to resistance that has created a global health emergency and kills at least 700,000 people a year. If no action is taken, it is predicted to increase to 10 million deaths per year by 2050. Although Pharmaceutical companies seek to produce new antibiotics, but after long term use, it becomes resist again. Therefore, recent studies towards using medicinal plants to solve this problem by curing some resistant, genes which occurs on plasmids. 

A Training Course was Held on “Bloom Taxonomy, Types of Questions and Tests”

As part of its Continuous Improvement Programme, the Department of Clinical Psychology at Koya University held a training course entitled “Bloom Taxonomy, Types of Questions and Tests” from 29 th of March to 5 th of April, 2022, which targeted the academic staff of Faculty of Science and Health.
Name of trainees: Prof. Dr.  Jabar Ahmed Abdulrahman
Number of participants: 23
Date: From 29th of March to 5th of April
Number of sessions: 12 sessions. 2 hrs per session
Location: Koya University Library