Department of Biology

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248 Students 

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The Biology Department was established in 2004. The academic year 2007-2008 was the first academic year of the department. The Department is a four-year study that awards a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Students learn through a combination of lecture, laboratory and seminar courses. Required core courses in the sciences include all fields of Animal Biology and Plant Biology, Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Laboratory techniques, and other Life Science courses: Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Physiology. To achieve the practical sessions of these subjects, the Department has fully equipped specialized laboratories. With a degree in Biology, graduates will be well prepared to undertake graduate studies in any of the life sciences and Biotechnology or Genetics. Graduates will be ideally suited for employment in biotechnology, medical and forensic sciences, biological research institutes, hospital laboratories, hospital supply companies, or the food industry, in addition to their ability to be teachers of Biology. 

The Department of Biology is an academic community of scientists and students responsible for and engaged in advancing the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in biological sciences. Students should develop their skills in communication, analysis, and critical thinking relevant to biology and other disciplines. For the future vision of the University, the Department could act as a core for basic sciences for medical specialisations. 

The Department of Biology is committed to educating students in the principles of biology through structured inquiry and opportunities for individualized experiential learning. It is also dedicated to teaching ethical behaviour in experimental design and practice to all of our students. The department strives to provide the best educational opportunities for students to attain their academic goals and to facilitate faculty in scholarship in an atmosphere that encourages free exchange of ideas.

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