Department of Physics

19 Academic staff

160 Students

44 Modules

Physics is the most fundamental field of sciences. It provides a foundation of crucial ideas for other scientific fields, and many of the underpinnings of modern technology. Our physics department actively engages in both teaching process and research doing.

Despite studying and understanding the basic principles of physics science, our graduates conduct basic research into the most fundamental properties of matter, ranging from investigating the visual phenomena of physics to the studies of nano-sized particles both at the experimental theoretical levels. In Kurdistan, our graduates found work opportunities at different governmental health institutions, industrial establishments and education field. Also, our graduates are regularly accepted into the most prestigious universities to pursue their high degree studies and/or gain employment in a wide variety of high paying careers.

We believe strongly in providing our students with research opportunities and provide entering students with a course specifically designed to assist them in making the transition from high courses student to practicing physicist like applications of the radiations and spectroscopy as well as X-ray applications in health centers and in industry. Physics department has now been equipped with a number of advanced machines such as XRD, STM, XRF, HPGE system and spray pyrolysis.


  • High quality education, producing creative mind physicists in the region.

  • Producing high impact researches thereby positively affect our university more internationally year by year.


Academic Staff