Interfacial Adhesion Evaluation of Fiber- Reinforced-Polymer by Pullout Test

Jwan Gharib Rafaat
Field Crops Department, Faculty of Agriculture Sciences, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.


The study was carried out to show the effect of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer 0, 20, 40 and 60 kg urea/ha, and two seeding rates 15 and 30 kg/ha. The study was conducted at Bakrajo research field during the winter season 2011-2012 to some growth characteristics of Egyptian clover, such as plant height, dry leaf weight percent, dry stem weight percent, leave stem ratio, fresh yield t/ha, dry yield t/ha and dry matter percent. The experiment was designed as (R.C.B.D). The results can be summarized as follow; significant differences were observed between all three cuts, and the third cut was superior in almost characters especially in the forage yield. The application of 40 and 60 kg urea gave maximum yield. Using 15 kg seeds/ha showed superior value due to fresh yield in compare to 30 kg for all cutting, while the dry yield responded non-significantly to seeding rates.

Index Terms—Clover, Nitrogen fertilizer, Seeding density.

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Type: Research Article

Rafaat, J.G., 2013. Effect of seeding density and nitrogen fertilizer on the productivity of Egyptian Clover. ARO, The Scientific Journal of Koya University, 1(1), pp.1-6. Retrieved from

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