Workshop about Stress

posted Feb 23, 2017, 12:58 PM by Soma Fatah Rasul

This workshop is held in order to increase the awareness of undergraduate, postgraduate students and even the lecturers about stress, its sources, as well as the impact of stress on our life and productivity. The course is defined types of stress, their symptoms and the chemical reactions that accompany it. It helps and teaches both students and University staff to control different levels of their stress by themselves and if necessary through professional therapist at Clinical Psychology Department at Faculty of Science and Health at Koya University.

The workshop also aims to train students and staff how to deal with their daily stress in order to control it in a level that is not risky on the health of the individuals, thus their output will enhance. 

Objectives of the course: 

· Enhance the awareness about sources and types of stress 

· Manage different levels of stress 

· Understand and apply methods for controlling the risk of the stress

Workshop program


Monday 27th  of Feb



Outline of Seminar


1:30 - 3:00 am

What is stress, Types of stress, What are the chemical reactions that accompany stress in your body

Dr. Tara Fuad Tahir

3:00 - 4:30 pm

Sources of stress, Stress moderators,  Techniques to reduces stress

Assis. Prof. Dr. Azad Ali Ismael

ڕۆژی دوو شەممە رێکەوتی ٢٧ ی شوبات ٢٠١٧ بۆ خوێندکاران و مامۆستایان و ئەندامانی بەشی کیمیا بە تایبەتی و هەر ئەندامێکی فاکەڵتی زانست و تەندروستی بە گشتی. وۆرک شۆپەکە باسی سەرچاوەکانی stressو جۆرەکانی و کارلێکە کیمیاوییەکان کە روو دەدات لە لەشی مرۆڤ لە کاتی stressدا هەروەها چۆنیەتی کەمکردنەوەی stress بۆ ئەوەی مەترسییەکانی کەم بکرێتەوە لە سەر تەندروستی مرۆڤ و بەرهەم هێنانی تاکی کەس زیاد بکات. ئەم وۆرک شۆپە ئامادەدەکرێت لە لایەن هەردوو سەرۆک بەشی کلینیکڵ سایکۆلۆجی بەڕێز پ. ی. د. ئازاد علی اسماعیل و سەرۆک بەشی کیمیا بەڕێز د. تارا فؤاد طاهر