Title of Workshop Polymerase Chain Reaction and Designing of Primer

posted Feb 24, 2017, 10:19 AM by Faculty of Science and Health

Polymerase Chain Reaction and Designing of Primer
Monday, Feb, 27-2017

                                 9:00AM -11AM  (Polymerase Chain reaction  and Gel Electrophoresis Techniques )

Hiwa A. Ahmad, Mohammed Issam, Shwan S. AHMED
  • Basic Theory About Polymerase chain Reaction and Principle of Gel Electrophoresis: 1 hr, Hiwa Abdulrahman Ahmad
  • Practice, how PCR Machine worked, run and manipulated, second sections is about Gel Electrophoresis , their     
          requirements and gel documentation. 1 hr, Hiwa Abdulrahman, Mohammed Issam, Shwan S. AHMED

                                                11:00AM - 01:00PM (Designing and  Primers  Making Markers)
Mohammed Issam, Hiwa A. Ahmad, Shwan S. AHMED
  • Theory part: Critical Points on Primer designing : 1 hr, Mohammed Issam
  • Practice part:  How Polygene machine run, how input information and interpretations. 1 hr, Mohammed Issam, Hiwa A. Ahmad and Shwan S. AHMED

 Only for Academic Staff in Medical Microbiology, Biology Department and School of Medicine.

Place of workshop: Science and Health Research Center