Health and Safety in Chemistry Laboratories course (HSCL)

posted Sep 27, 2015, 12:11 PM by Soma Fatah Rasul   [ updated Sep 27, 2015, 12:18 PM ]

 “Health and Safety in Chemistry Laboratories” بەشی کیمیا لە فاکەڵتی زانست و تەندروستی هەڵدەستێت بە ئامادەکردنی کۆرسێک لە ڕۆژانی ٣٠ی مانگی ٩ و ١ی مانگی دەی  ٢٠١٥لە ژێر ناونیشانی 
  کە تیایدا باسی جۆرەکانی مەترسیدارە کەرستە کیمیاویەکان دەکات و چۆنیەتی خۆپاراستن لە کاتی ئیشکردن لە ناو تاقیگەکانی کیمیا، هەروەها نەخشەی نوێ کە بەشی کیمیا دەیەوێت پەیڕەوی بکات بۆ ساڵی خوێندنی ٢٠١٥
٢٠١٦ بۆ پارستنی تەندروستی و سەلامەت ئیشکردنی خوێندکاران لە ناو تاقیگەکاندا. 

In order to sensitize our academic staff to safety rules in Chemistry Department specifically and Faculty of Science and Health generally, the second regional course on safety and health issues takes place in the Faculty of Science and Health Hall of Koya University, from 30th September to 1st October 2015, organized by Chemistry Department.

The course is mainly related to the Safety Slogan “Laboratory Safety Is More Than Just White Coats” focusing on the importance of safety working in the laboratories, through raising awareness and getting our staff commitment, as well as improving safety level.

Objectives of the course:

· To enhance the awareness about safety rules in chemistry laboratory

· To control the chemical risks in the lab

· To manage the chemicals waste

· To understand and apply methods for developing safety level

Soma Fatah Rasul,
Sep 27, 2015, 12:18 PM