Announcement for helping students

posted Apr 18, 2016, 3:02 AM by Soma Fatah Rasul

کۆمەکی هاوکاری بۆ خوێندکارانی فەکەڵتی زانست و تەندروستی لە زانکۆی کۆیە

بەهۆی نالەباری دۆخی ئابوری هەرێمی کوردستان ژمارەیەک خوێندکار لە هۆڵەکانی خوێندن دوور کەوتونەتەوە و ناتوانن بەردەوام بن ، وەک هەستکردن بە بەرپرسیارییەتی بەرامبەر ئازارو معاناتی خوێندکارانیزانکۆکەمان کۆمەڵێک مامۆستای زانکۆی کۆیە بەمەبەستی کۆکردنەوەی کۆمەک و هاوکاری بۆ خوێندکاران ‌‌هەڵسان بە دانانی سندوقێک بۆ کۆکردنەوەی پارە بە شێوازی مانگانە. بۆیە داوا لە مامۆستایانی فاکەڵتیەکەمان دەکەین هاوکاری خوێندکاران بکەن لەڕێگەی ئەو سندوقەوە. جێگەی باسە ئەو پارەیەی کۆدەکرێتەوە بە شێوازی مانگانە دەدرێت بەو خوێندکارانەی کە پێویستیان پێیەتی بە بڕی    ٦٠،٠٠٠ دینار بۆ هەر خوێندکارێک
بە هەمان شێوە سندوقێک بۆ کۆکردنەوەی پارە دادەنرێت لە دەرگای سەرەکی فاکەڵتی زانست و تەندروستی بۆ ئەو خوێندکارانەی کە دەیانەوێت بەشداری بکەن


It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving 

Imagine a student is unable to continue his/her study and obligated to stay at home because he/she or their family can't afford to obtain 6000 IQD to cover all his/her expenses to a whole of a month, for just this tiny amount of money, can you believe that !!!!!!

As a faculty members we have decided to form a (Charity Box) and this box will be run and controlled by a committee, who are responsible for receiving money (on monthly basis) from faculty staff and save it in the box. The committee has a number of collaborators and assistants of very trusted students who have been carefully selected to help diagnose students whom really in urgent need for financial help, by which this financial aid can affect to a great extent on their continuity in study at the university. Therefore we asking you kindly to participate and involve in this charity project of a minimum sum of (10000 IQD) on a monthly basis and exploit this opportunity to rescue a student's future, and enrich your record of good deeds. Each staff can pay at his/her Head of department office, while if it was closed, you can pay the money at the office of Head of Medical Microbiology. Every payment will be recorded, and any one want to know any further information, we are more than happy to answer. The name of the students will be kept secret to avoid any kind of embarrassment.
We are looking forward to receive a good response from all of faculty staff and hope to see good involvement in this humanitarian project.